What Is The Most Effective Treatment For Rosacea?

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You may have rosacea, a skin disorder if your face seems flushed and you get lumps that resemble acne. For symptom management, your doctor may recommend medications and other treatments.

Dermatologists frequently combine medication, a rosacea-friendly skin regimen, and advice on preventing flare-ups when developing a rosacea treatment plan. A treatment plan may occasionally include a procedure like laser therapy.

At Parlour Enterprises, one of our dermatology services is rosacea treatment so that you can enjoy fresh and glowing skin. We are here to discuss the most effective treatment if you have this skin issue, so read on!

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a long-term skin problem that often impacts the face, mainly the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Rosacea can manifest in various ways and at any age, and its causes are still unclear. However, the following factors could come into consideration:

Genetics: Often, rosacea runs in families.

Vascular problems: Your face’s blood vessels may cause redness on your skin. They could get more prominent due to sun damage, making it easier for others to see them.

Mites: They are little bugs that often dwell on your skin and aren’t dangerous. However, some people are more sensitive than usual to the mites or more significant numbers of these insects. Your skin could itch if there are too many mites.

Your physical characteristics may increase your risk of developing rosacea. For example, the following factors increase your risk of developing the skin condition:

  • have blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin
  • between the ages of 30 and 50
  • being a woman
  • have relatives that suffer from rosacea
  • had terrible acne
  • Smoke

What are the symptoms of rosacea?

The most prominent sign is redness on your forehead, chin, nose, cheekbones, and chin. The color may appear less frequently on your chest, neck, head, or ears. Broken blood vessels may eventually become visible through your skin, which may thicken and enlarge. Up to 50% of rosacea patients also experience discomfort, inflammation, and redness in their eyes.

Other signs you can experience include:

  • Your skin will sting and burn.
  • rough, dry skin patches
  • a swollen, puffy nose
  • expanded pores
  • Your eyelids’ blood vessels are broken.
  • Bruises on the eyelids
  • issues with eyesight

Rosacea symptoms can appear and go. They could have a brief onset period, subside, and then return. It would be best if you got rosacea treatment, so make an appointment with your specialist. Redness and swelling from rosacea might worsen and become permanent if you don’t take care of your condition.

What are the different rosacea treatments available?

Some treatments can assist you in managing the redness, bumps, and other symptoms.

Laser treatments

If rosacea has resulted in any of the following, laser or light therapy will likely be part of your treatment plan:

  • apparent blood vessels
  • thickening skin

The blood vessels can be diminished (or eliminated) by laser or light therapy. Specialists may utilize laser resurfacing to remove thickened skin.

Laser therapy might lessen the redness. In a few limited trials, lasers have been used to treat persistent facial redness or surrounding lesions resembling acne. Some individuals had a significant decrease in redness. However, the majority of patients had a 20% reduction in redness.

More study is required to determine how effectively lasers can alleviate the redness because different lasers and exposure periods were utilized in these studies.

Medical cosmetic products

At Parlour, excellent results may be obtained when treatments and thoughtful product usage are combined. One of our experienced experts will provide a full consultation during your visit.

We will work with the patient to develop a personalized rosacea treatment plan that fits their needs, lifestyle, and skin problems. It may be a prescription drug you can buy at a drugstore or one of our cutting-edge, high-quality medical goods.

One of our medical-grade skin care includes using ZO Skin Health products. Here are our recommended rosacea treatment products for professional use.


Clinical studies have shown that the multi-modal therapy Rozatrol® from ZO® Skin Health can reduce the symptoms of sensitive, red skin. This product’s sophisticated amino acid compound helps hydrate the skin and restore balance.

A proprietary plant stem cell compound also calms and offers potent antioxidant protection against free radical damage, while gentle exfoliating qualities enhance skin texture. As you may know, excess oil is a significant contributor to redness. At the 6-week mark, Rozatrol® showed a reduction in rosacea’s outward indications and symptoms.

How does the rosacea treatment Rozatrol® work?

  • With its Inflammatory Modulation Complex, it helps to reduce inflammation.
  • By promoting healthy microcirculation, palmitoyl glycine helps prevent flare-ups when you move or enhance circulation in the body.
  • Rosacea treatment calls for reducing inflammation, which can be achieved by regulating oil production. Rozatrol®l controls excessive sebum production and has antibacterial properties.
  • Papain, an enzyme that offers moderate, enzymatic exfoliation to enhance skin texture and tone, is also a component of this rosacea treatment.
  • In addition to containing the unique ZO® complex ZO-RRS2, which offers potent antioxidant protection and reduces inflammation, it restores proper cellular communication.
  • Rozatrol® also restores moisture and strengthens barrier function with glycerin, which helps to normalize rosacea.

Are there any other ways to help you minimize rosacea?

The appropriate skin care can dramatically impact even if you are currently treating your rosacea. A rosacea-friendly skin care regimen can make your skin more at ease and improve the general health of your skin. Proper skin care might help lessen rosacea flare-ups.

Cleanse your face: Cleaning your face in the morning and at night can help eliminate oil and grime that could irritate your skin. We recommend using ZO Skin Health Gentle Cleanser. It is made to eliminate impurities and leave the skin feeling clean, moisturized, and refreshed for all skin types.

Moisturize every day: Moisturizing is crucial whether rosacea makes your face dry or greasy. By retaining water in your skin, moisturizing aids in skin hydration. Your skin may feel less irritated and more comfortable as a result. Using rosacea-friendly moisturizers like ZO Hydrating Creme might enhance the effects of treatments.

Always use sunscreen: Rosacea may get worse in the sun. It is one of the most prevalent reasons for a rosacea flare-up since it happens frequently. Even those with darker skin tones are susceptible to rosacea flare-ups following time spent in the sun. It is advised to apply sunscreen to lessen sun-related rosacea flare-ups. Apply sunscreen to your face daily before going outside to protect your skin.

Do you want to learn more about rosacea treatment?

The highly noticeable rosacea symptoms impact many people’s willingness to interact socially, especially in public or at work. Rosacea has no known cure, but with the proper treatment, symptoms can be treated. Contact us today at Parlour Enterprises to learn your rosacea treatment options!


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